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Terms and Conditions for General Products Purchasers

General Products are products that have been invented and created by Economy-x-Talk and aren't custom-made for Economy-x-Talk's clients.

Please test before you buy. Economy-x-Talk doesn't return license fees for any products and services, except in unique and exceptional cases to be determined by Economy-x-Talk.

Please, make sure to read the license conditions included with the downloads. As soon as you install software created by Economy-x-Talk on a computer or store software created by Economy-x-Talk on any kind of media or device, the license conditions get the status of a legal contract.

Economy-x-Talk doesn't bear any responsibility for purchases through Trialpay and delivers a license for products only after receiving confirmation of purchase from Trialpay.

You are free to ask any questions about our products and services at any time. We try to answer within 3 days. It is strongly discouraged to ask questions about purchases within three days after purchase.

Licenses are sent to customers within 3 business days if possible. Economy-x-Talk has no obligation to answer questions or give support, although we will always try to help you as much as we can.

We respect your privacy and will never give out your personal information to other companies. We might occasionaly (rarely) send you an e-mail about our products and services.

Terms and Conditions for Custom Software Purchasers

Custom Software is any product created for clients of Economy-x-Talk, partly or entirely accordingly cients' specifications.

When I finish the project, but before you have tested it, I will send you an invoice, which needs to be paid within 2 weeks after being sent.

Delayed payments will delay the project (bug fixing).

All payments are non-refundable.

After we send the invoice, you have 3 months to report any bugs (only real bugs, no feature requests) and we will fix these bugs for free. Feature requests are possible, if you don't mind additional charges.

Economy-x-Talk licenses the software to you. You and your company can use the software in any way you like, you can modify the (original) product we make for you and you can distribute the derivative product, but you are not allowed to transfer ownership of the original product to someone else or to another company nor can you allow a different person or company to use the original product without Economy-x-Talk's consent.

You will be doing business with your original spokesperson only and not with any partners of Economy-x-Talk, while your spokesperson will be doing business with you only and not with your colleagues or partners of your firm.

Economy-x-Talk is not responsible for any alleged, possible or actual damage due to the use or storage of the software we make.

Source code is available upon request, only after the project has been finished and all payments have been received by Economy-x-Talk. Any offers and quotations made by Economy-x-Talk are valid for a limited time. Prices and conditions may change after 2 weeks.

If we haven't done business before, it is recommended to cofirm receipt of the first invoice as soon as you receive it. Economy-x-Talk always confirms receipt of your payments as soon as possible.

Never send an e-mail asking "Have you read my e-mail already" or "When will you send the files". Simply follow @xtalkprogrammer on Twitter and you will know when it is time to send a reminder.

Never put the word "urgent" or a word with a similar meaning in the subject of your e-mail. If you do this, we will put you at the end of the support queue. If you do this a second time, you will be at the end of the support queue forever. Why? because it were unfair towards our other customers if we would help you more quickly than them.

PayPal will never grant a claim for refund, because licenses are intangible commodities. Once bought with PayPal, you can't ask PayPal for a refund. Any claims will be denied.

We charge 5% transaction costs on all inter-EU on-line payments. By doing so, we want to keep costs as low as possible for both our customers and ourselves. Please, make a bank transfer if you live inside the European Union. If an on-line money transfers appears to have been unnecessary, we will add the 5% transaction fee to your next bill.

If you haven't paid your bill 6 weeks after the date of invoice, we will send you a paper invoice by postal mail and add 7.50 euro to your invoice. If we decide to send you a registered letter with a sommation to pay, we will add between 20 and 50 euro to the amount of the invoice. If you still don't pay the invoice after 8 weeks, we will ask a debt collection agency to contact you. All debt collection costs and any legal costs will be added to your invoice.

Terms and Conditions for all relations of Economy-x-Talk

This section applies to everyone who wishes to or actually does buy products or services from Economy-x-Talk, wishes to or actally does deliver products and services to Economy-x-Talk, and everyone who contacts Economy-x-Talk to discuss any legal matter.

All written correspondence regarding legal matters, addressed to Economy-x-Talk, relations and partners of Economy-x-Talk, the owner(s) and employees of Economy-x-Talk has to be drafted in the Dutch language. Any translations have to be handed over in two-fold, including the original text and the translation authorized by a Dutch notary. Economy-x-Talk may ignore any correspondence drafted in other languages than Dutch. Any unauthorized document may be disregarded.

Economy-x-Talk may choose to reply any legal correspondence in either Dutch or any other language and won't need to provide legally authorized translations of documents but may choose to do so.

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