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Graphic Gradient Button

A 28 pixels high push button. It behaves slightly differently from the standard push button, but it looks better. If you want, you can modify it to make its behaviour resemble that of the standard push button more closely. The download (see below) also contains a version with rounded corners.

Here's an example of what it looks like (on Windows 8.1):

If you want, you can use multiple buttons together to create an alternative tab button. Adjust the mouseDown and mouseRelease handlers and remove the other mouse handlers to accomplish this.

Copy this button and paste it into your own stack. It will just work.This button is compatible with LiveCode 5.5 up to and including 7.


set the status["enabled"|"disabled"|"hilite"|"hilited] of grp x to true|false
set the textValue["html"|"utf8"|"utf16"|"unicode"|"text"|""] of \
grp x to myTextVariable

where myTextVariable can be a plain text string or a string encoded as html, utf8, or utf16.

Feel free to have a look at the script and discover how the gradient shows up correctly.



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