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Zipfer is a little tool by xTalk programmer Mark Schonewille. This software retrieves data from any text file, counts the words and creates a proper data file. From the resulting data file, Zipfer can calculate a number of statistics, such as a linear regression equation expressing the relationship between rank and frequency of each word.

New In Zipfer 1.2

  • better interface for spreadsheet window
  • Registration made easier
  • Besides single words, one may now also analyse sentences, paragraphs and word groups.
  • Additionally, Zipfer creates graphs, showing the zipf curve and errors estimated from the theoretical and actual frequencies. Zipfer also allows you to export the data for further exploration in more advanced tools such as Excel and SPSS. These files can also be opened by Zipfer again. It is also possible to export the graphs as JPEG pictures, for use in your papers and in websites.

    Currently, there are versions available for MacOS PPC (Classic), MacOS X, Windows 95 and Windows XP. If you need a version for a different operating system, you may send a request to the author. Zipfer is shareware and currently costs 9 euro (approximately USD 11).

    Download Zipfer

    Below, you can download Zipfer. There are four different versions, for MacOS PPC (Classic), MacOS X, Windows XP and Linux. Please note that the Mac OS 9 and Linux versions are still at 1.1, while Zipfer 1.2 is available for Mac OS X and Windows.

    Operating System Download
    MacOS X.sit

    A Zipfer license costs EUR 14.95 (approximately USD 19). once you have bought a license, you are eligible to receive support for this application. Buyers of a license for Zipfer 1.2 will receive all updates up to and including Zipfer 2.0 for free. Licensees also have much better a chance to see their feature requests being implemented in future versions of Zipfer.

    Important information for current license holders

    If you have bought a license for a previous version of Zipfer, you will need a new license key to use Zipfer 1.2. Just send an e-mail to support . Make sure to include your name and license number in e e-mail. Usually, you receive your new license within 3 days after contacting us.
    Click the button below to buy a Zipfer license using PayPal. You don't have to have or create a Paypal account. You can use your credit card to complete the transaction. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express to fund your PayPal payment.

    We will send you your license as soon as possible.

    Operating System

    Zipfer 1.2 license
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