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AnswerWith Option - Alternative Answer Dialog

AnswerWithOption is a combination of a front script and a button with custom properties. One of the custom propeties contains an alternative answer dialog. The answer dialog contains a checkbox, which prevents the same message from appearing again.

The answerWithOption dialog has two return values. The first value is returned in the "it" variable and the second value is returned in "the result".

The "it" variable contains the label of the button clicked on by the user. Even if the user has already checked the checkbox a previous time, preventing the dialog window from displaying, the "it" variable will still contain the label clicked on by the user when the dialog was displayed the last time.

"The result" contains the combined primary and secondary message as displayed in the dialog window in HTML format. This allows the developer to display the same message elsewhere, e.g. in log file, together with the correct icon. These icons can be copied to the mainstack of your project using the copy parameter.

If you want to hide messages between sessions, save the global variable gDisabledMessagesArray to your user preferences file and load it when the next session starts.


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