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ExtFreeDiskSpace External for iOS

ExtFreeDiskSpace is a LiveCode external for iOS, which contains two functions to read the total and free disk space and returns these values as integers measured in kilobytes.

You need this external to check the available disk space on your iPod, iPhone or iPad. The built-in function diskSpace() always returns 0, while the extFreeDiskSpace external returns the correct value.

The picture shows an iPhone app created with LiveCode, using the extFreeDiskSpace external to calculate the free disk space as percentage of the total disk space and showing the result in a pie graph.


This script calls the external. It returns the number of available gigabytes in new style (1000 kilobytes in a megabyte):

function freeDiskSpace00

  put 1000^2 into mySq1000

  set the numberFormat to "#.00"

  put extFreeDiskSpace()/mySq1000 into myGBs

  return myGBs && "GB"

end freeDiskSpace00

More information is included in the Read Me file.

Note: the current version works with Arm7 processors only.


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