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Projects by Economy-x-Talk

If you would like to know what type of projects we do for our clients and how we perform, please have a look at the examples on this page. We would be delighted to add your project to the list!


TwistAWord is a fun word game for children from 8 to 88 years (and up).
A multilingual word game for everyone. You can find more information about it here .

Choose one out of 8 languages (Catalan, Danish, English, French, German, Latin, Portuguese or Spanish) and try to create a phrase from the words given to you. Cool design, funny sound effects and a competitive element make improving your language skills a treat!

Clipboard Link

Use Clipboard Link to share the clipboard of your computer with other computers on your local network. Clipboard Link is a great example of a cross-plaform project. This programme links Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computers and lets them talk to each other to exchange the information on their clipboards.

Sassoon Joiner

For a company in the UK, Adrian Williams Design Ltd., we created an educational application. All resources, including the fonts, were offered by our client and we put it together.

Students can use this programme to learn handwriting. We wrote a special, complex, semi artificially intelligent algorithm that checks each preceding and following two characters in a word and adjusts the shape of the character exactly the same way you would do when writing by hand.

A teacher can compose an exercise with colours and underlines text. There is also a font included that shows exactly how the characters are connected. The teacher can make the exercises as easy or difficult as he or she likes.

Naturally, exercises can be saved in files for later editing or re-use. Texts can be exported to a number of formats and even copied and pasted into another programme, but other programmes are unable to edit the text correctly, which makes Sassoon Joiner a necessity.

TwistAWord Website

We made a special design for the TwistAWord website, inspired by the unique interface of this word game.

Website for AutoRayko

Our website design for AutoRayko excels in simplicity and effectivity. The websites allows the website manager of the company to administer an on-line catalogue of all cars currently in stock. The pictures in the inventory list can be hosted on other services, such as Dropbox or Links to the pictures can be stored in the database by the website manager. De website provides a way for the customer to contact the company by e-mail and describes all services offered by the company. The design is the result of close co-operation between all parties involved. The technical implimentation was conducted by Economy-x-Talk.

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