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DIFfersifier is a simple conversion utility that exports text data from HyperCard, Revolution and MetaCard stacks to files that can be read by most database applications.

The latest release is DIFfersifier 3.4. This version provides full XML 1.0 compliance. Use DIFfersifier to convert your HyperCard, Revolution or MetaCard stack to XML. The XML file can be read by any compatible XML reader and is useful for programmers who are looking for an easy way to import HyperCard stacks.

Hot topic: Once in a while, we are told that a stack is not recognised. This is not a problem with DIFfersifier! The problem lies with your operating system! To overcome the problem, we have provided you with a simple solution. Pressing the control key on Windows or the Option key on MacOS Classic and MacOS X while opening a file will allow you to select files of any type. Normally, it should be sufficient to use the file options menu of the open file dialog window. Just choose "All Files" from this menu.

DIFfersifier 3.4 is freely available for everybody who already owns a license for DIFfersifier 3.0 or later.

DIFferisifier is a simple utility, which makes conversion of text data in HyperCard, MetaCard and Revolution stacks as easy as possible. The DIF and Merge file formats that are created by DIFfersifier can be imported by most, if not all, well-known database applications. A tab-delimited text format is also available, enhancing flexibility for those who are creating their own database software. DIFfersifier can also convert your stack to HTML tables and XML files.

This movie introduces DIFfersifier. Click on the movie to watch a larger version. The movie was made with Snapper Screen Recorder .

The conversion process only takes a few steps. After starting DIFferisifier, a small window appears. Click the Select Stack button and open a HyperCard, MetaCard or Revolution stack. Choose a file format and a background or group and press enter. After a few seconds, you are asked to give your new file a name and save it in the appropriate folder.

Advantages of DIFfersifier are: you don't have to write your own script for text export; field names keep preserved if the DIF or Merge formats are chosen; and return characters can be automatically replaced by vertical tabs to make sure that e.g. FileMaker keeps together text that belongs in a single field. Please note that DIFfersifier assumes that stacks have a proper design. Data in card fields are ignored.
DIFfersifier is particularly useful for owners of inherited HyperCard stacks who don't have a way to modify these stacks. While HyperCard is only available for the classic MacOS, the available version of DIFfersifier allows you to access data in HyperCard stacks on Windows, Linux and MacOS X systems.

License holders receive full support and are allowed to convert an unlimited number of cards. Unregistered copies of DIFfersifier can convert 50 cards. If your attempt to convert a stack fails, the developer will make sure that you succeed, provided that DIFfersifier should be able to do the job. If you have any questions, you can contact our support team .

Download DIFferisifier

DIFfersifier 3.4 runs under Mac OS X and Windows. It has not been tested with earlier MacOS versions. If you are using a Macintosh, AppleScript 1.1 or later has to be installed. AppleScript enables a small number of additional features, which are only available for MacOS.

DIFfersifier is also available for other operating systems (see table below). For more information about compatibility, please read the documentation included with the software.

DIFfersifier needs at least 7 MB of memory plus 1.5 times the size of the stack you are going to convert.

Operating System Download
MacOS X Intel
MacOS 9.sit
MacOS Fat.sit
MacOS 68K
There are two different licences. If you need DIFfersifier for private use, choose a private license. It allows you to convert your own stacks for private use. It is not allowed to use the resulting files for any commercial activities; your file may not be given away to commercial organisations. If you intend to use DIFfersifier in the office, you need to buy a commercial license. All organisations, including firms and governmental and non-profit organisations, have to buy a commercial license. It is not allowed to deliver any conversion services, either free or paid, using DIFfersifier.

A private license costs 14.95 euro and a commercial license costs 69.00 euro.

Click on one of the buttons below to buy the licence of your choice. If you believe that these licenses don't suit your needs, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly work out a special arrangement for you.

DIFfersifier 3.1
Private license
DIFfersifier 3.1
Commercial license

From Our Customers

From: th...@...
Subject: Re: Your DIFfersifier 3 License
Date: 27 januari 2009 12:55:55 GMT+01:00
To: support@...

Thank you, Thank you!
DIFfersifier worked perfectly.

I fired up my old Mac Plus this weekend in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Mac and I found a file that I thought had been long lost. It was a HyperCard stack of recipes. In the stack I had about 160 recipes. While I had the recipes on paper, I have been meaning to update the family recipe book and having to retype them all into a database was going to take a lot of effort.

DIFfersifier exported the stack perfectly. Now I'm all set.

Also, I had a chance to visit The Netherlands this last summer for work. I had a wonderful time. Everyone I met was so friendly.

Keep up the good work.

Tod Henderstein

From: Dan Rosenstein dan@...
Subject: DIFfersifier 3 worked perfectly for me.
Date: 26 januari 2011 19:03:12 GMT+01:00
To: Economy-x-Talk Support support@...

[...] I have been waiting for a product like this for years. As an early adopter of Hypercard and Focal Point stacks, all my phone records for the past twenty years have been kept in that format. [...] Not knowing a simple conversion process, it has been frustrating trying to figure how to move them onto a new format in the newer Mac operating system. Cost, time and confidentiality of my records have always been factors in getting this done. I didn't want to buy an expensive application or two and pay someone to do the work for me.

Luckily with the help of DIFfersifier 3, Microsoft Excel, Bento and the Bento app for iPad I was able to put my records on my Mac and iPad. That process also took less than an hour. It also cost less than $80.00 not including my time. More importantly it gave me some peace of mind.

Dan Rosenstein

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