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Overview of LiveCode Software

This is an overview of LiveCode software available for download. To obtain access to the downloads, you need to make a small financial contribution. You decide how much you would like to contribute, either 5, 10 or 20 euro (including VAT).

Once you have made your contribution, you receive a password, with which you can log in and download the materials.

Besides the software in the list below, we also have a number of paid products for you, which are not included here. Make sure to have a look at the other pages of our website.

Title Description Platforms Download
Reorderable List Field Set the listItems of this object, reorder with your mouse, and get the listItems back. The object is also resizable. A very neat little thing. View
RevGeometry Remover RevGeometry Remover is a very simple plugin to remove all RevGeometry properties from all controls and cards in a stack. View
Password Field The password field shows bullets when you enter a password. View
Search Field in OSX style This search field adjusts its size automatically to the size of its group. Use the pointer tool to select and resize the group. View
ClearType Library The ClearType Library for Runtime Revolution enables you to retrieve information about the system font settings on Windows. View
Small Arrows A simple palette to create a little arrows object in the current topstack. View
Stack Launcher This was made to work around an incompatibility of Revolution with Mac OS X 10.6. Just use Finder's Info window to tell Finder to open your stack with this launcher rather than Revolution. View
Icon Menu Editor Use this plugin to edit the icon/system tray menu. View
Pointer Tooltip Here is another nifty plugin for Runtime Revolution, which displays the names of objects, such as fields and buttons, in multi-line tooltips. View
Firefox Search Plugin Honestly, anyone could make search plug-ins for Firefox, but it is still easier to fetch it from here. View
Network Time Protocol over Telnet The NTPoT stack for Revolution retrieves the time from time server. View
Search HandlersPlugin The Search Handlers plugin is used to see which handlers of a script of a particular object are used elsewhere in your projects. View
Search List Field Library Enter text in a field and watch all relevant items in your list appear in a menu. The result is similar to a combobox, but it shows relevant items only and handles keystrokes such as tab, escape and return better. View
Sample Scripts Stack A HyperCard stack with hundreds of script snippets View
Icons This is a collection of eleven different icons for Revolution, embedded in a library stack. View
Cursors The Goldberg Cursors library is a wonderful collection of cursors for Runtime Revolution. View
iOS GUI Elements This is an awesome collection of GUI elements for iOS, which makes programming for iOS much easier with auto-resizing, hiliting buttons, background patterns and a fully working scrolling field with UIScrollView control. View
Glen's SSH external External to connect over SSH View
ExtBadgeNumber external External for iOS to set icon badge numbers View
Graphic Gradient Button A 28 pixels high push button. It behaves slightly differently from the standard push button, but it looks better. If you want, you can modify it to make its behaviour resemble that of the standard push button more closely. View

This table lists all free products available as private downloads as of 23 July 2014. If you are looking for something but can't find it, please contact us .

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