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iPhone Controls Collection

This is a collection of GUI elements for iOS that we are going to use in a project.

These GUI elements are really cool because

The stack is completely editable and you can copy all items to your own project. Please keep in mind that this stack is intended only for those who have made their contribution. Do not redistribute this stack in any way other than as part of a password-protected standalone or through the iTunes store.

To display the keyboard and the Cancel button of the search table view, you need to set the searching of group "Search Table View" to true. If you set it to false, the keyboard hides and the Cancel button disappears.

Display the list of items to be searched by setting the itemList of the search table view. This list is return-delimited (ASCII 10).

More information about scripting the controls is available in the Read Me file and you can watch this video on Mark's blog.

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